A day without laughter is a day wasted

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people

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The Witty Blogs are all about universal humour. In addition to funny news articles, we have the ability to add our own slant. We welcome anyone who wishes to post their own funny observations. All types of humour is acceptable. So, click here for the most recent posts - add your own too!

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From time to time, the UK Wit Network needs to post some necessary website information. Here have a few website pages in which we do this. For example, we have our Privacy Policy and a Contact Us page here. Obviously, these are the serious pages that we need to publish.

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Our Fuckwit Forum is for everyone with a sense of humour. There is the General Jokes Forum for just about anything consider to be funny. Then we have the regional witty banter section for all localised humour, but there's loads more forums. Post funny observations daily!
The UK WIT aims to spread funny stories and jokes around the world and you can add yours too. We post funny things that happen every day. On the Witty Blogs you can post in-depth, funny articles while on the Fuckwit Forum, you can have better social interaction with others. The UK WIT highlights all the dim-witted idiots who have no idea how silly they are, like most politicians. Finally, with the onset of political correctness, be careful what you post for your own protection. Indeed, the humour Nazis are watching all the time! 
Disclaimer: In view of certain constraints thrust upon us all by the political elite, certain jokes are not acceptable. So, it is up to the individual to decide whether their post is legal or acceptable. However, we have a set of guidelines that may help you decide whether to post or not. Since, the UK Wit Network allows individuals to post their own work, we can't possibly be responsible for their actions. So, should you find something here at UK Wit that you feel shouldn't be, tell us. Of course, we try our best to review everything but it is almost impossible to keep an eye on everything. Finally, enjoy your stay at the UK Wit Network.