DIY Pregnancy Tests At Home

Finding out if you are pregnant or not comes with a price. Just to clarify, this refers to the nervousness while waiting for the results. Also, it costs money somewhere along the line. However, why not try some DIY pregnancy tests at home. According to some people, the toothpaste pregnancy test is worth a go. But is it?

How to do the toothpaste pregnancy test

To begin with, grab hold of a clean bowl. Then, squeeze about an inch long portion of toothpaste into it. In short, use the white toothpaste and no other. Next, you need to go and have a pee then take a sample from that – about half a cup.

Just to point out, that this needs to be a sample from the beginning of your potty training. Obviously, it is better to take a pee sample first thing in the morning.

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Once you snatch this, relax and enjoy the rest of your wee wee. Don’t enjoy it too much though, the test hasn’t begun yet! Now would be a good time to get a cuppa to calm the nerves before the toothpaste pregnancy test begins.

Once you have braced yourself and ready for the pee-paste test, take a deep breath. Take the previously collected pee and pour it into the bowl which contains the toothpaste smear. Grab something like an old lolly stick or similar so that you can stir the mixture.

The toothpaste and urine test results

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The pissy toothpaste pregnancy test results also come easy to read within ten minutes. Should the resultant mixture be flat and no colour changes, then you are not pregnant.

So, sit back and enjoy the moment, you are going to give birth to a little baby.

However, should the mixture become frothy with a notable colour change, you may be pregnant. Of course, if this is a pregnancy you don’t want, grab another cup of tea!

Other DIY pregnancy tests at home

The toothpaste pregnancy test is the one doing the rounds on the internet right now. However, there are a few other DIY pregnancy tests at home you can try. Here we list the other most used DIY pregnancy tests that others have tried.

Bleach pregnancy test

Firstly, there is the bleach pregnancy test. This is similar to the toothpaste test so follow the above instructions for this to work. Likewise, just add a tablespoon of common bleach to a half a cup of urine.

Again, watch for change of colour and frothing as this could also indicate you are pregnant.

If nothing happens, you are in the clear and of course, your wee is now sterile. Just ensure you dispose of the bleach carefully.

DIY Pregnancy Tests At Home - bleach pregnancy test

Sugar pregnancy test

DIY Pregnancy Tests At Home - sugar pregnancy test - silly cunts
Secondly, we have the sugar pregnancy test. This test uses sugar for a rather inexpensive option to discover if you are pregnant.

Should the sugar just dissolve in the pee, you are probably not up the stick. However, if the sweet, sticky solution forms lumps and clumps, brace yourself for the worst.

Other pregnancy tests at home

The above three pregnancy tests are the most common, but there are others. For example, there is the vinegar pregnancy test. This, of course, is tested like the bleach test above. Then there is also the dandelion pregnancy test. Take some dandelion leaves from the garden (preferably ones growing in the shade) and pour on your pee sample. If there is no reaction then relax, you are probably not pregnant. However, should the leaves react somewhat, you may well be up the duff.

Unorthodox pregnancy tests

Although no silly DIY pregnancy test at home will be a scientific test, those above are certainly practised. However, they are usually performed by many people either through desperation or lack of money.

But what other tests are there to find out if you have a bun in the oven? How about the mayonnaise pregnancy test or maybe the mouthwash pregnancy test?

DIY Pregnancy Tests At Home - unborn baby
If they don’t work, what about the fizzy pop pregnancy test or even the chicken giblets pregnancy test (the mind boggles). UK WIT has a pissy prize for the person who submits the best DIY Pregnancy Tests At Home.

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