Fuckwit - do you know any? Then tell us about the idiots here.

Welcome to the Fuckwit page on the UK Wit Network


In the first place, we need to understand the definition of the word ‘Fuckwit’. So, in the recent edition of the Collins English Dictionary, a this word means ‘a foolish person’. Obviously, from this we all know someone who is a Fuckwit!

Of course, while Fuckwits go about their daily lives, they can give us a laugh or two. For example, just look at that Jeremy Corbyn bloke. Does he not realise that the majority of people in the UK think he is an idiot?

As well as him, there are a whole host of others that just show themselves up to be complete arseholes without knowing it. In view of the above, we have a whole section devoted to Fuckwits.

Moreover, we leave this up to you to decide who the Fuckwits are. Of course, there are many ways in which you can join in and tell us.

Who is the biggest Fuckwit on earth? Post an idiot here.

UK Wit Blogs

Firstly, we have the Witty Blogs here. You don’t even have to join to post either. In fact, at the top of all the pages is a ‘Submit A Post‘ tab. Obviously, we couldn’t make it any easier to write an article here at UK Wit. So, just click the tab and fill in the form – simple! However, please ensure you write at least 200 words. But, you should be looking to write slightly over 300 words for maximum effect.

You should also ensure that you don’t copy and paste articles from the internet. Indeed, all the articles that you submit should be in your own words. However, copy and pasting the odd sentence is acceptable but not more than this. So, if you think that the idiots are taking over – tell the world here.

Fuckwit Forum

Of course, our Witty Forum is what we call the Fuckwit Forum and this is the web address – www.f.ukwit.com. Do you think that lunatics have taken over the asylum? Have you seen any decent stupid people fails on the internet? Do you know of any silly politicians? There are far too many silly or foolish people in this world so inform our worldwide community here.

Obviously, our Fuckwit Forum is for better social interaction with other like-minded people. In other words, we are the normal people while they are all insane but they don’t know it.

The Fuckwit Forum is an open public platform. With this in mind, anyone can join in – normal people and Fuckwits alike. Tell us some jokes, something humorous or post your funny videos. Pop over and do what you need to do really. Since you are here on the Fuckwit page, if it’s about Fuckwits, all the better!

Idiots and Fuckwits - shouting out to stupid people doing stupid things

While the Witty Blogs are usually for the longer, in-depth funny posts, you can use the Witty Fuckwit Forum for anything. You can tell us some one-liners on our massive message boards but longer jokes are also acceptable. In fact, our Jokes Forum is not just for funny stuff, you can use it for anything – even serious things. However, the funnier, the better.

Just to point out that our massive funny forums encourage you to post regularly. So much so that we have a ranking system in place. Therefore, the more you post, the sooner you become the Super Kingpin Fuckwit. Just think about that!

To Sum Up

The UK Wit Network does indeed allows you to fully interact with text, images or videos here. Others who have a sense of humour, can join in. Obviously we highlight how to do this in the above information. So, if you know of stupid people doing stupid things, tell the world here.

Chill out and don’t let the Fuckwits give you nightmares. In fact, why don’t you tell the idiots exactly what you think!

Finally, bookmark our Home Page then call back often and post regularly.

Who is your favourite Fuckwit - post an idiotic cunt here

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