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This is the Happy Website Information page at the UK Wit Blog

About us – we tell you all about UK WIT.
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Contact us – but please allow time for reply
Home Page – our main landing page, so please bookmark us.
Privacy policy – and cookie policy – both together.
Submit A Post – you may submit your funny observations of everyday life here.
Terms & Conditions – Please read them!
Witty Forum – message boards for jokes and humour stories – a fun place to be, so please join in. Indeed, the domain name for the fun message boards is Furthermore, we call it, The Fuckwit Forum, now that is funny!

Happy Website Information

Firstly, this page only contains links to other website information at UK WIT. Of course, these links are normally available through the tabs above. However, just click the appropriate link here if you like.

Obviously, the information pages above tell you all you need to know about the UK Wit Blog. Indeed, even if you skip these pages you should know that we are all about fun.

Moreover, you can also join in with the fun. So don’t hang around and stop lurking. Indeed, chill out and post something funny on the UK Wit Network!

Site info at the UK Wit - the funny blogs

Join The Witty Forum

The UK Wit website also has a Witty Forum alongside the Witty Blog. So now you can have witty banter in two places on our humorous website.

British wit and humour is without doubt, the best in the world. However, we don’t mind where you are from, laughter is the best medicine and humour is universal. With this in mind, join us here on the Witty Blogs or join the message boards that we call the Fuckwit Forum.

So, should you have any good jokes or find something funny – let us know today! Indeed, anyone can join the UK Wit Forum as long as you have a sense of humour. We also have many off topic forums for the fuckwit idiots who can’t string two words together.

Best Of Both World

The UK Wit website has the best of both worlds – some Fun Forums called Fuckwit and a funny blog. So, join us and post your random funny observations today. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what you post as long as it is funny to YOU. However, please be aware that your posts are all your responsibility.

Stay legal at all times and be careful with political correctness. This is because there are some weird people out there who have no sense of humour whatsoever. Even the awkward politicians are trying to stop laughter and attempting to dumb us down. Both politicians and the politically correct arse wipes are Fuckwits. So it’s not surprising that we poke fun at them.

Site info pages at UK Wit - Freddie Starr comedian and hamster

Indeed, we all remember the headlines ‘Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster’ but did he?

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