Rachel Riley Is Gagging For A Hard One

Rachel Riley was sitting as normal on her little Countdown hot seat when a saucy comment came her way. But, when Countdown host Nick Hewer tossed one out to Rachel, she got a big surprise. In spite of the show being live, viewers heard Hewer say that Rachel Riley is gagging for a hard one.

Of course, if you ask any full blooded male, they would gladly fulfil that desire. In fact, marks out of ten, we would give her one!

Rachel Riley is Gagging For A Hard One - Nick Hewer

To begin with, the contestants on the popular Channel 4 game show had to make up the number 700. However, with the numbers at their disposal, it was as easy as pie, watch the video below.

Rachel Riley Is Gagging For A Hard One

Good grief …. what a blooper indeed from Nick Hewer. In short, if he renamed himself Nick Howler it might be apt. Although, UK WIT loves anything like this, some prudish viewers complained. Here is exactly what Nick says in detail “Poor old Rachel, she’s gagging for a hard one…” However, Rachel laughed the comment off, if rather embarrassed.

Rachel Has Shown Her Own Bloopers

Rachel Riley is Gagging For A Hard One - slutz on countdown
Rachel Riley has had her own moments in fact. In fact, dealing out the cards is open to a lot of saucy words. The bubbly blonde has had to deal out the cards spelling, cliteasd, erection and slutz too.

Rachel took over from the equally sexy, Carol Vorderman in 2009 and became an instant hit too. All in all, both the girls have had to deal in many saucy remarks over the years.

More To Come From Rachel

We all love Rachel, and without doubt there will be much more to come from the red hot blonde bombshell. However, we thought we would show some potentially embarrassing words we would love her cards to spell out. How about, pornstar, bellend, arsehole, bollocks, bugger, cack, dickhead, knobend, shite or indeed wanker? Yes Rachel, keep up with the good work Countdown and may we also wish you many happy deals.

Rachel Riley is Gagging For A Hard One - Countdown cliteasd


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