Campaign to give UK prisoners sex dolls

Campaign to give UK prisoners sex dolls Significantly, his piece is written in the current edition of the prison magazine called Inside Time. In the article Swarez also points out that prisoners don’t get conjugal visits like some other European countries. Writing from his cell in HMP Lowdham Grange, Nottinghamshire,… Continue reading

Nicola Sturgeon Sit Down

Sturgeon’s hidden agenda Nicola Sturgeon Sit Down! Moreover, and rather alarming, the anti-English, almost racist language is hid behind this secret agenda. Firstly, the Scottish people have voted to remain part of the union we know as the United Kingdom. Secondly, the people of the people of the United Kingdom… Continue reading

Rachel Riley is Gagging For A Hard One

To begin with, the contestants on the popular Channel 4 game show had to make up the number 700. However, with the numbers at their disposal, it was difficult. Be that as it may, Rachel is never afraid with such a difficult poser. Rachel Riley is gagging for a hard… Continue reading