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Firstly, we at UK WIT have a sense of humour. This about us page will also conform this.

After running a few successful websites on a different theme, we thought we would have a humorous website too. However, our older websites had no member participation.

Obviously, now we have decided to allow this and form a members blog built around humour. So, here it is, a witty blog and a witty forum for all. So, join in with us and have some fun as well. After all, that’s what life is all about!

About us here at the UK Wit - Sense of Humour? Then bookmark us!


By and large, British humour is the best in the world. In fact, here at the cradle of the English language, humour can even be regional scale. Sometimes, within a few miles apart too! Moreover, the English language is so powerful and versatile. For instance, many English words are open to ambiguity. This, of course, opens up many channels of speech open to all forms of humour.

UK WIT, in effect, is all about the things we find that make us laugh. Obviously, not everyone has a similar sense of humour. All in all, anything posted here will be something that some will consider to be funny. However, we do realise that one man’s humour is another man’s poison. So, those without humour should really consider buying a crossword book and sitting in a corner somewhere. But, if it raises a smile with you, UK WIT will love it.

To Wit To Woo

About us - no cunts or fuckwits allowed
So, now that you are here and have learned about us, why not register with us and share your witty humour? Life is too short to be glum all day. Obviously, we all need a break from the humdrum of day-to-day worries and strife.

With this in mind, you can publish your funny thoughts here. Moreover, we have both the witty blogs for in-depth posts and the witty forum for the shorter ones. This is, of course, our invitation to all who wish to post funny observations in life.

Witty Blogs

The Witty Blogs is all about the in-depth observations of life with also a touch of humour. For example, there are many funny news articles where humour stares you in the face. In particular, politics is a real good source of wit and humour. Likewise, celebrity gossip is an extremely good provider of a laugh. The witty blog also gives our members the platform to spread the funniest stories around.

Witty Forums

The witty blog may be a good place to post funny observations in full, but what about the one liners? To put it differently, what if someone wants to share a joke or two? Under those circumstances, our witty forum is the ideal solution. For example, use the Witty Forums for simple jokes, one-liners or even limericks. But, you are free to use both for all your humorous posts.

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