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No Need To Register

To begin with, anyone can post witty or funny articles to the UK Wit Blog. Indeed, you do not even have to register with our website. However, we encourage people to do so as you can access more writing tools etc. Also, we can inform you of any useful relevant information.

Obviously, the UK Wit Blog is all about fun. Of course, there is a serious side of things. But, here we choose to see through things and smile. With this in mind, we encourage people to use their sense of humour and post regular.

How To Submit A Post

Firstly, choose your subject. For example, you may have seen a funny story on television and want to elaborate on it. Obviously, politics is an ideal subject. Indeed, right now there are plenty of political characters on the scene. Of course, they are always going to make a gaff or two. So it is up to us to pick out the funniest bits and expand on them.

In the first place, we are all about UK Wit. However, stories from around the world are acceptable because it ties in with what we think is funny. Indeed, we leave the humour down to your imagination.

So, choose the subject and fill in the submission form above. If there is a also video to add, just paste the YouTube URL address in your post. Then it will indeed show as a video.

Just to point out that we need between 200 and 300 words for each of your posts. This is because, to have a reasonable chance of success, posts need plenty of content. After all, this is why we post things on the internet – for others to find us!

Obviously, using the quick and easy posting form above, you too can post your funny finds. However, it is not permissible to copy and paste texts from other websites. After all, this is our own work isn’t it. If you need to add one or two sentences from another website, this might be acceptable. But basically, you need to write your own article.

Stay Legal

Users who submit their posts to UK Wit must remain legal at all times while on this site. Moreover, it is all your own work when you submit a post here on the UK Wit Blog. Obviously, in the olden days there was no political correctness. However, today there is. So please bear this in mind.

Submit a Post at the UK Wit Netowrk - funny articles and observations welcome

Indeed, Britain’s Benny Hill was free from political correctness


To sum up, if you have a sense of humour and wish to share your funny observations, do that here. Indeed, membership is not necessary, just follow the above guidelines. Also, you may wish to join the UK Wit Forum. Obviously, some people prefer a forum rather than a blog. This is because you generally get more reaction quicker. So, pop over to the UK Wit Forum ( and post as often as you like. Indeed, we welcome jokes from one-liners to longer jokes. But, we also have many other forums like funny picture and video posts etc.

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